The 7 spiritual principles I use to make 100,000/yr. 

Did you know only 7.6% of the population earns over $100,000 per year?

This might be due to the fact that most people don't even think it's possible. The truth is it is possible if you believe that it's possible. In psychology we call this the perpetual set. You see what you want to see. Your belief influences your ability to see opportunity in your life. I've compiled the top 7 principles that I've used for years to show you how you can break the glass ceiling and push you above the norm to making a six-figure income.


1. Preapre for a successful day. 

This is so important and paramount when creating a successful career. I know people who rush through their morning and show up to the office out of breath and unfocused. This is a recipe for failure! No matter what your career is, you must prepare for your day. If that means waking up earlier to get yourself organized; then do it. If you need to prepare your work space before clients show up, then make sure it is settled and ready for business. When you prepare for a successful day, you are directing the mind and your energy for the kind of  day that you will have.

2. Strive to be the best at what you do.

If you are the absolute best at what you do, whether it is picking up trash or performing heart surgery, the Universe will reward you. There may be times when we think that sliding by on whatever we already know is enough to earn a decent income, but that is what keeps people stuck in the "norm." You want to be an outlier! Take classes, watch videos, listen to lectures, and make yourself a valuable fount of knowledge. The more valuable you are, the more people will pay you for what you do. 

3. Give it your whole heart. 

When you show up for work, show up ready to give everything you have. Be present mentally and have a mindset of success. If you are wavering here and there with the problems of life, then you will not be focused. Leave your problems at the door and give your work 100% of your energy and it will give you 100% return on your investment of energy.

4. Visualize yourself making a six-figure income.

Visualizing and feeling successful is crucial to your success. When you see yourself living a life where you are making more money, your body starts to feel the sensations of being successful. The neurotransmitters that fire in your brain will start to rewire themselves for success. Using this technique every morning and every night is a secret wealthy people have known for centuries. Meditation is also a powerful practice to incorporate your visualization into. Focusing on your breath while you see yourself living your dreams is a technique that athletes use to perform better during a race or before a performance. 

5. Talk about success.

Imagine that you had a little 10 year old following you around all day taking notes on what you say and do. If you were to ask this little person if they thought you acted successful, what do you think they would say? You are constantly telling yourself what your life will turn out like. I hear people complain about money all the time. They talk about how expensive this thing is or how stingy that person is. If you were already making $100,000, would you even care? You wouldn't be talking that way at all. Your words and actions have to be in alignment before you will see the results in your world. Be mindful of your words.

6. Treat people like Royalty. (i'm not kidding)

I'm going to go above the golden rule here and say, "Treat people BETTER than you want to be treated." I'm completely serious about this one. Even behind people's backs, you have to exhibit the utmost respect and honor for the people in your life. If you value people, you will value yourself and create a life where you feel worthy of paying yourself $100,000/yr. If you treat people nasty and talk badly about them, it's a direct reflection on how much you value yourself. Give back to people and to the world. Take a small portion of what you already earn and bless people with it. It shows your unconscious mind that you have more than enough and that will become the truth of your life.

7. Be Grateful for every single gift.

Money is a gift. Life is a gift. We take these small things for granted and this is where people start missing the mark. They think that their paycheck, not matter how large or small, is not enough. That perception is what creates your world. If you see your paycheck as a huge blessing, then it will start to turn into a huge blessing. It becomes more than enough, and the flood gates will break open. The abundance flows when you give gratitude for everything. Before you even roll out of bed in the morning, find something that makes you so grateful that you could cry. Your life will shift in a huge way when you find gratitude in all things.

Do you want to learn more about the spiritual laws of success. Here is a video for what I call The Formula. It is a powerful tool that will change your life.