The Incredible Balance of Life

Every person has a strength. What is your strength? Do you even know how to look for it? No matter who you are, there is a quality within you that balances out the qualities that are not as prominent. 

Let me explain it this way...there are 4 main categories of strengths that make us attractive and successful. These strengths are what help us in life to attain our dreams, goals and desires. I am not talking about a degree or something that you have to work hard at, this quality is intrinsic. In this case, intrinsic means that this quality comes easily. You are able to create this aspect of yourself in the world easily. 

The four areas of strength that people possess is:
1. Personality (humor, charm)
2. Resources (wealth, connections)
3. Physical Attractiveness (beautiful, handsome)
4. Intellect (talented, scholarly)

The amazing thing about us is we innately know which one of the qualities we naturally excel at and if we are weak in the other areas, the one with highest ability to succeed always takes over the other ones. 

We are all like seeds that come with all the potential and ability that we need to accomplish our life's purpose. When the things that we set out to do in life demand something of us, we use the natural resources that we have in these four areas to succeed. 

Every single person is balanced in their own way. That is why every person is amazing. It might not be the same package as the person next to them, but they are amazing in their own way. If you are feeling bad about yourself, then you are putting too much attention on the quality that you are not excelling at. 

When we get sad, depressed, or feeling less valuable than others, then we are not focusing on the quality that we do best. Let's say you don't feel physically attractive (which is okay, we're not all models) and it's really making you feel ugly and worthless, shift your focus onto what you do love about yourself.

If you are super smart and maybe a bit awkward socially, that is okay! If you meet someone who is not super smart, but they have a wonderful sense of humor or are physically incredible, then it opens up a deeper level of acceptance for them, knowing that we adapt and evolve to survive and thrive in the world.

Find the thing in life that you know you're amazing at and put your focus into that. Don't waste your time trying to become something that you know you never will be. I know that I will never be a model, but I do think that I have a fairly strong intellect. So I choose to focus my attention on learning and not at the gym breaking my back trying to become an Adonis. 

Knowing your strengths can give you a new perspective on how you view your life and how you value yourself. So many people walk around hoping and wishing that they were something that they aren't. This is a waste of valuable energy and can cause you to lose focus. 

Now that you know more about what your strengths are, I can ask you again, do you know what your strengths are? How would you rate yourself? Maybe 80% in one area, 10% in the other and 5% in the last 2 areas. Take a moment to realize that we are all balanced in life and when you find yourself not valuing your strengths, shift the awareness to your strong points and take your power back!