Why Do We Attract the Opposite of What We Want?

Why do we attract the opposite of what we really want?

This is a popular subject for people who are interested in the Law of Attraction and there is a simple explanation!

Whenever we want to understand the spiritual world we must first establish an understanding of the physical world. (as above, so below)

So let's get started...

First, we must investigate magnetism. Magnetism is created when the poles, positive or negative, are attracted to or repelled from one other. Seems simple enough right? Then why is it that we create a magnet for what we want and we get just the opposite? It is because the contractive nature of our desire keeps us away from what we want, usually because we want it too badly.

This might seem counterintuitive but if we really take a minute to think about it, then we can see how this is true. When energy is tight and contractive it creates a magnetic pole within us that is tight. The muscles contract, the need is very high. This is when the science of magnetism comes into play because in scientific terms, a positive pole will attract a negative pole-its opposite. So when you desire something so fiercely that it becomes contractive energy, then it attracts the opposite result.

Well then, how do we get what we want??? This is the billion dollar question and it's as simple as the first idea. If we again look to nature or science for the answer, we will find it there.

Think about how a sponge works. It is absorbent. It is loose. It is expansive. It has room for more.

I think I just saw the lightbulb go on in your head! This is the key to manifesting what you want. We are always attracting in the Universe, that is law. Whether we are a magnetic pole or a sponge is up to us. We must learn to let go of the need and think of the joy we will have when the manifestation shows up! The muscles become relaxed, the blood flows easily and the breath becomes deep and expansive. This is the place of flow and relaxation, the true nature of receiving.

If you want to attract something into your life with precision, you must learn to let it go. This is the concept I like to call "reverse universe". It's the dichotomy that the Universe is a mirror, the opposite reflection of what we think we see or know.

In summation, relax, breathe and let go! This is the answer that you have been looking for and it will open you up to the magic of the Universe. Have fun, play and think of the feeling that you will have when you get there. That is the key to getting what you want!