"Need" is a Useless Human Concept

What is "need." 

If you sit quietly in meditation and really contemplate what the idea of need is, you will begin to see that it is a made up human concept that keeps us trapped in a bottomless pit of unfulfilled desire. Without the concept of needing anything, we have everything right here, right now.

When your mind begins to grasp the new idea of provision and all needs being met already, a new power of awareness begins to take hold of the emotions and the body begins to respond by letting go of stress.

Stress is the cause of energy blockages. Those energy blocks can include health, money, relationships, friendships, or emotional freedom. All of our energy is flowing whether we tell it to or not. If we are experiencing the somatic responses of a need, then we are experiencing stress.

I always like to define energy in two different forms, contractive and expansive. These terms can be defined many ways; fear or love, stress or relaxation, etc. When you realize that energy always takes the path of least resistance, you can see why the need for something causes energy to be squeezed off.

Think about something that you need in this moment. Your mind might be saying that you need more money, more health, more freedom, a relationship, a healthy family member, whatever it may be, it causes your body to physiologically respond with tightness. This is the opposite of our natural and intrinsic state of flow. We are designed to function optimally when we are relaxed and in homeostasis. 

Need is the idea that we will be secure if we have something. That is an illusion. We don't need anything if you get down to the basic truth of universal law. There is no need. Need is a human construct designed by the ego to try and stay safe. If you look at nature, which is always our first teacher, a plant will die without water. Did it have a need to live? The answer is no. We might think so because of what we have believed is right and wrong.

All things live and die in perfect timing. We don't need anything or anyone and that is absolute freedom from all bondage. This is the basis of the Buddhist religion and how we can find freedom. It doesn't mean that you stop eating or working because you've given up the need, you find peace within as you continue to feed your body and go to your job everyday. 

These needs of race consciousness sound like believable and enticing ideas that hold us back from finding our true connection to Source. 

I need more money. 
I need to be happy.
I need to be healthy.
I need to find love.
I need to find my life's purpose.
I need to be accepted.
I need to meet other's needs.
I need to be safe.

These concepts are all traps that keep you focused on lack and limitation. Investigate where the need comes from and then use the "What If" concept found in Energy Balance, and ask, "What if I don't need _________________?"

Then find three solid examples of evidence that the "What If" statement is more factual. Think of three benefits that can prove why you don't have a need.  

Letting go of need is the first step in letting in all abundance. If you want to truly see change in your internal world, seek freedom from need, and then go deeper and ask if you need to be free of need. It's a journey back to the self over and over again.