Taking Action is Secondary

Oftentimes when we want to manifest something, we want to take action. Action is the easiest thing to do since we think we have control over the end result. The only problem with taking action before you are feeling inspired to do so is that there is always some sort of negative reprecussion that has to be dealt with on the back end. This just creates more problems. The reason there is a negative backlash is because the action is usually taken out of fear, impatience or desperation. This is NOT the time to act.

Let's say that you need more money and you are feeling stressed out about paying your rent. The first thing you do is start to panic. Then you have the idea that you will sell some jewelry or pawn your tv to  get some money quickly but it feels awful. You really don't want to get rid of your jewelry or you tv. This is not the time to act. This will only bring more things to worry about and to fix later on. 

Take the time to really imagine what it feels like to have the money already. Sit in a quiet place and ask yourself, "What does it feel like when I have "X" amount of dollars already in my bank account." Now, let that feeling resonate in your body and emotions for awhile. You may feel an immense amount of relief. Do this exercise as many times as you need to until you start to memorize the feeling and can take yourself there anytime you have a panicking thought about money.

Finally, realize that things take time. Our work is to get there emotionally. When you feel like you are the person who is in the perfect relationship, has the perfect body, or has plenty of money in the bank, then the signs of your belief will start to show up in your experience. That is the key. 

If you are not feeling worthy of whatever it is you are asking for, some action may be necessary to achieve it, if your beliefs are in the way. For example, you want to manifest a more fit body. Most people cannot conceive that thinking will actually mold your muscles and your waistline (I've actually witnessed it, and it does) so if this belief is standing in your way, then get to the gym and change your diet. The way that you feel after you eat healthy or after you workout is the key, the action is secondary. Many people experience a euphoria when they are done working out and they just feel more fit. The feeling is the key. The amount of work you think you need to do to achieve that feeling is what will make you believe it mentally and then of course energy will follow thought. 

Take your feelings further by asking yourself throughout the day, "How would I feel if...?" This feeling that comes over your body and emotions is the key to creation. It opens the doorway to see past current reality and to form possibility in the quantum field where all things exist. When you ask the question, the answer comes in the form of an emotion and that emotion forms the reality that you want to live.