Intuition Always Has Your Back

Do you second guess yourself when making decisions? 

I hear people say things like, "Do it scared," or "The time is now, take action," and while all of this is great, there is something more powerful for you to do before you act. 

Since we are all made of energy, or what I like to call consciousness, then if we want to move that energy, we must first do it consciously. That means that we must first come into complete alignment with whatever it is that we wish to create in our lives. This might sound like a complete joke since we live in a world made of matter, but that matter is energy first. Matter is moved by the consciousness of the mind and emotions.

All of us have had the experience where we have had to make a tough decision. Sometimes it feels effortless and sometimes it feels like a struggle. There is a surefire way to ensure that you are making the best decision for yourself. If it feels like a struggle, it's not time; plain and simple. When energy is ready to move, it just happens. Did you think about getting out of bed this morning? Probably not. When it was time, your feet hit the floor and you started your day. Sure the reasoning mind probably spent some time arguing whether you had enough sleep yet, or if you could maybe get in another snooze before leaving the sheets, but in the end you just got out of bed. 

Your higher-mind is making decisions for you that will take you where you need to go. When you are hungry, you eat. The food is provided when it needs to be. When you have to use the bathroom, you go and take care of business, no questions asked. The same thing happens in life, yet we let our lower-mind or the reasoning mind second guess what we already know from deep within. Intuition is the higher-mind that knows best. 

The way to get into alignment with whatever you wish to create is to find some sort of relief in it. If you can imagine that your desire is a calm sea where it is already done in the invisible, then it will make itself visible. You have to find a way to feel peace with it. There is a sweet spot when you think about the most believable step that you need to take next. Sometimes that sweet spot is actually doing nothing at all. Sometimes that feels best. 

If you are truly paying attention to the way that you feel emotionally, then the higher-mind will take over and do life for you instead of constantly trying to struggle and second guess the process. There is nothing to be done in this moment than to feel peace. The Universe is wise enough to get you there in the most elegant way possible. When the energetic charge is gone from your desire and you have surrendered, then the doorway opens and you walk right through, with grace, in the most perfect way.

Intuition is telling you how to get there by presenting the next easiest step. Remember, the Universe unfolds with ease. The path of least resistance is the one that you want to take. Money flows easily just like water. Love blows effortlessly just like the wind. All things are a reflection of the Divine nature of creation. 

Look for your sweet spot and stay there. Your desire should feel as natural as the shoes on your feet or the hair on your head. Use the power of intuition to take you into the promised land where milk and honey flow.