Use This Technique to Protect Yourself from Energy That Isn't Yours

The awareness of being an Empath has now become a hot topic of conversations among those in the spiritual community. Many people are finally understanding that they are feeling energy that is not their own. Public places can become overwhelming and even leaving the house can become a challenge for many empaths.

If you are struggling to keep your equilibrium in environments that seem to be filled with energy that bombards you, you are not alone. Some empaths even struggle to sleep next to their spouse because they are absorbing the energy from their partner which can lead to fatigue, confusion and even dissolution.

While spending a few months in San Francisco, I noticed that I was in a space where the amount of people was substantially larger and I needed a tool that would help me navigate this energy minefield. Whether we know it or not, we are constantly being introduced to “foreign” energies that are not our own and this can sometimes be painful and frustrating.

I started using this technique every time I left the house to ground myself and to redirect the energy that was coming my way. I especially feel the judgements of people when I am out in public and this can be extremely disheartening and exhausting.

When you are getting ready to leave your house, start to prepare your interactions with the outside world by calming yourself with deep breaths. This is a simple and effective way to calm your nervous system and to get yourself centered before you introduce new energies into your heart’s electromagnetic field of energy.

As you leave the house and people start to walk past you or you even notice people standing nearby, imagine with your mind’s eye that everyone is looking away from you. I like to imagine large googly on everyone that are looking away from me, in the opposite direction. Notice how this starts to calm your heart rate and your breathing. This is a great way to keep your feeling of safety and balance.

Then if you want to take it a step further, imagine their energies are like gusts of wind blowing your way. These breezes can sometimes seem powerful and other times they can seem subtle. Now, using your mind’s eye again, imagine that those winds of energy are blowing away from you into the ethers. This is energetically protecting you and redirecting the energy away from you so that you are not absorbing it.

This simple exercise will also work at home. Imagine that you are out of the wind and rain of the energy that your family members or roommates are putting off. See that energy, in your imagination, being redirected away from you with ease, leaving you in peace and solitude.

Please share any other techniques that work for you below in the comments section below and remember that you are powerful. You get to decide what energy you want to take on and what energy you can refuse to absorb.