What is Cognitive Dissonance and How is it Blocking Your Manifestation?

It sounds like a fancy psychology word, and that's because it is! The meaning behind this really simple concept is: when you go against your personal convictions you create internal stress. If your belief is that drinking alcohol is bad, and you do it anyway, you are creating cognitive dissonance. If you eat chocolate chip cookies and you think that they are bad for you, you create cognitive dissonance. 

It's like violating your own code of ethics. This is really just about coming into alignment with what your higher self knows is best for you. 

The brain is really clever because if you are doing something that is bad for you, like having an affair, and you refuse to stop it, the brain will justify the action so that you can live with yourself. The only problem is, there is a deeper part of you that still knows it is wrong. The things that start to manifest in your life will reflect this lack of inner peace. You are out of alignment with your higher self and your life will suffer because of it.  It will affect your finances, your health and your wellbeing. 

So what is the cure for cognitive dissonance? Stop the sabotaging behavior. It sounds easy, but sometimes it can be the hardest thing in the world to do. Ask any smoker and they will tell you that they may think about quitting everyday but cannot find the inner strength to do it. These sabotaging behaviors are what make us feel bad about ourselves and also cause us to feel unworthy of the great things that we desire. There is a block in your spiritual, physical and psychological energy. Once you quit the behavior, you will lift the block and things in your life will start to improve. 

If your intuition is telling you to do something or to stop a sabotaging behavior, take action now! Think of the things that you want to manifest and know that the prize is better than hanging onto old habits and behaviors. How bad do you want it? Now is the time, your best life is right around the corner!