By David Maestas
Energy Balance JPG.jpg

Energy Balance explains how the universe maintains an energetic balance which is vital to creation.

Have you ever wondered what people mean by "living a balanced life"? Now you can find the hidden treasure that is within you! This book explains the science of how to live in gratitude for every situation in your life, whether good or bad. Learn how to manifest by finding the optimal place of power that we can all tap into. Energy Balance also explains why people sabotage their lives and why so many of us keep creating the same results, when all we really want is more out of life. 

This book teaches how to use the mind to change those results and live a more fulfilling journey. If you are looking for a practical application to the Law of Attraction and how it works on a physical and tangible level, this book is definitely for you. I was tired of all the airy fairy books out there about manifesting, so I wrote a practical book that works with the physical laws of the universe and how we can co-create with them. This book offers a more applicable understanding on how to create the life you want.