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The spiritual Formula for success has been taught by many enlightened minds throughout history. Its principles are simple to understand but take an element of persistence and self-control to live by. The Greek philosopher Aristotle believed in living in "moral excellence" which would bring happiness. This state of happiness is called "EUDAEMONIA". Moral excellence is the basis and format for the spiritual teachings of enlightened beings from Jesus to Buddha. This Formula brings us into spiritual alignment, which brings health, wealth and a sense of purpose to those who will follow it. 

This Formula is now being explored by modern psychology. The modern sciences are beginning to realize the teachings from the metaphysicians throughout history have actual scientific benefits! One of the benefits of living in moral excellence is cognitive alignment or congruency. This is where your inspiration (personal conviction) comes into alignment with your words and actions. When you live in alignment with your beliefs, you experience less stress, a heightened sense of self-worth and an increased amount of abundance in your life.

What is The Formula? Very simply put, it looks like this:


In other words, when we come into alignment with what we desire, knowing that it is for the highest and best, and we take action toward it, we trigger a switch in the Universe that turns on our abundance, inspiration and joy! 


So if The Formula is so easy, why isn't everyone using it? 

This is where your inspiration comes in. Inspiration is personal and has nothing else to do with what other people are doing. Many spiritual teachers out there are telling everyone how to "create their life" by doing it this way or that way...THROW ALL OF THAT OUT THE WINDOW. If someone is telling you that in order to attract a partner you have to use a certain mantra for example, then that is their way of doing it. What is true for you? If your inspiration is telling you to start meeting people at a local gym because that is where you will meet a partner, then join that gym! This is your personal journey and what feels believable to you. If you feel it's believable for you, then you hit what I like to call the spiritual sweet spot. That feeling of inspiration that rushes through you, when it feels right, is the Universe telling you to trust your gut and follow that path!

Now that you know The Formula, let's break it down a bit further...


The concept is simple: follow your personal convictions. When there is a nudge from within that you need to do something, don't hesitate, take action! One tiny action can start an avalanche of change in your life. Just following one intuitive nudge, like quitting smoking or not drinking coffee, can ignite a flame within of self-worth and intrinsic value. Once you start feeling good about yourself and how you are showing up in your life, things really start happening fast. Miracles literally start showing up out of nowhere and you can't even imaging why you didn't do it sooner. 

Beware of your sabotaging behaviors. In my own life, there were things that I kept doing that were keeping me from living my best life. These things were blocking my flow. They were holding me back from my life's purpose. These are the behaviors that we keep excusing in our head and try to justify. We know it's hurting us, but we keep doing it for the instant gratification. These behaviors are hard to break and your mind will fight you when you try to change. Change is scary.


The philosopher Heraclitus believed that the world grows and transforms through fire and strife. This might seem a bit extreme to us living in this modern society of cell phones and laptops, but there is truth in what he believed. The futurist, Joel Barker, teaches that societies have literally had to have a total destruction of the old way before the new way could take hold. This is true in our lives as well. Growth and change are hard. There is a time of birthing that happens when people reach the precipice of greatness. The miracle of giving life and childbirth is the most painful human experience. Nature teaches us that in order to become a new person we must go through a time of being uncomfortable. 

This concept is hard for modern spiritualists to grasp onto because there has been too much emphasis put on trying to feel good all the time. This is just wishful thinking. The more you try to think or feel your way out of feeling uncomfortable, the more you will attract it. It's designed that way. The Universe keeps an equilibrium by giving us both easy and hard situations to help us grow. It's all part of being human. The key is to know that in the growth is where the magic lies. This is where all the evolution of our soul happens. Allow yourself to embrace feeling uncomfortable for on the other side lies the prize.


The power of commitment seems so trivial but in truth, it is where all of your power lies. When you are truly committed to making something happen, then the whole Universe will conspire to support your vision. If you are indecisive, then you are not sending out a clear signal to the Universe about what you want. What are you willing to do to get it? How much energy will you exchange to make it happen? Your commitment to your dreams is what wakes up the sleeping power of potential that will guide your way and shine a mighty light upon your path. If you are willing to give up everything to follow your dream or to make something happen, then you can be sure that the Universe will show up in ways you could never have imagined!


Sure we've all heard the spiritual teachers out there who say you just have to believe it will happen and it will. This is part of the truth, but the whole truth is it takes vision + action. If you never take a step, then nothing will ever happen. We continue living the same lives with the same results because we are scared to change. We have everything we need within to accomplish whatever it is we want. It's like looking at all the ingredients in your kitchen and wishing you had a loaf of fresh baked bread. We know deep within what we are capable of, we just have to go out and start doing something about it. Remember that the Universe will support you through this process, even when it seems like all hope is gone.

Directing your mind where you want to go is called affirmative thinking and it is way more effective than just saying you want to be happy. Your mind will follow your command if you give it a reason to. Let's say that you really want to lose weight, but you keep sabotaging it by not making it to the gym. One day you get sick, another day you get a flat tire and the next day you wake up late. This is the mind not wanting to change. You are attracting these situations because the mind does not want to change the old paradigm. Now imagine that you tell the mind you want to lose weight because you want to look really good in that new pair of jeans. Get on board with it and get excited. The mind will start to realize it is something that you want and will create the situations you need to succeed. It works like magic and that is the true power of the law of attraction. 

Get on board with your dreams, and get excited about the reasons you want them. If you want more money so that you can take your family on a fabulous vacation, then start telling your mind that is what you want and show some enthusiasm. Things will start shifting in the direction you want to go. Posting a picture of a dream vacation on a dream board may or may not bring it to manifestation; telling the mind to create it will!

The mind is geared toward familiarity. It likes what is comfortable. So you've got to start making those things that you desire seem like a familiar friend. Do you think about making a million dollars (if that were your dream) is a scary and daunting thing, or are you willing to walk up to it and shake hands with it? Your mind is a powerful electrical magnet that creates everything you see around you. Most of the things that are being created are unconscious. This is where having a conscious awareness comes into play. We get to direct the ship! We can tell our mind what to do and it will create it. Your mind is a powerful part of the creative process. It is the Divine part of you that works with the quantum field of possibilities where all the miracles and magic of life happen.

Increasing what you're worth

Your net worth and your self worth are tied together. If you are living a life of moral excellence, then you will feel worthy. This will cause the "gatekeeper" within you to give you good things. Living a life of value means that you will take action to create abundance in your life. If you are constantly feeling bad about how you are showing up in life, then the gatekeeper will see that and only give you what you think you deserve. 

Feeling deserving of a wonderful life means that you do what you know you should be doing. In whatever area of life you are operating in, money, family, relationship, health or career, you must have the will to do what you know is best. Even when no one is watching-especially when no one is watching! 

If you live in moral excellence, then you will start to give yourself the life that you know you feel worthy of. This doesn't just mean following all the rules, it means living from your sense of inspiration. If you know that you need to be doing something in your business and it is going to be hard, it might affect other people, but you know that it will take you in the direction of your vision, then do it. Don't delay or wait another year, month, day or hour. If you are afraid of what people will say or what people will think, then that is the signal that it is time to push forward with a strength of will. 

You Create What You Expect

Your expectation is what feels believable, but not what you probably think. There has been lots of teachings in this area of spirituality that talks about thinking about being rich and you will be. If that were true, then wouldn't all the people who listened to The Secret be rolling in it by now? Expectation has everything to do with what you produce in your life, but what does this really mean?

First of all, imagine you plant an apple seed. Yes you know your seed will produce an apple tree. That's easy. Now pretend that you live in Las Vegas, Nevada and you read somewhere that apple trees don't grow there. What do you expect to happen now when you plant an apple seed. Nothing of course! So why is it different in our own lives. People walk around planting seeds of being rich but are they creating the right environment that will cause them to expect that seed to actually grow.

You play a character in your life that produces results. Are you acting like someone who is rich? Do you do things that make you expect riches? Do you think like someone who is rich? Do you feel like someone who is rich? This is what creates expectation. 

Let me use another example. If someone is trying to conceive a baby, and they are already having sex but it isn't happening, what other factors could be at play. Let's pretend that the woman read somewhere that women should not be eating macaroni and cheese if they want to get pregnant. And let's say that she just keeps eating the macaroni and cheese, this is not creating expectation. She is secretly, in her mind, expecting to not get pregnant because there is a small sense of guilt in her energy field that is blocking the body from getting pregnant. 

This called cognitive dissonance. In psychology this is a term that basically means that you are going against your inner convictions. If you know that you should be up in the morning to exercise and you don't wake up, all day you will probably experience cognitive dissonance. It's an energetic disconnection from within. If you are doing things that you know will produce the results of your vision then you have expectation through cognitive congruency. Your thoughts and actions align which brings an alignment of emotions. This alignment of emotions energizes the power of the Universe!

Once you come into alignment you start seeing the results of your thoughts, actions and emotions. Beyond the physical realm, something else magical begins to happen. The Universe starts to link up resources from unseen places. This is the synchronicity of creation. Finding the place where your expectation is in alignment with your vision is the key!

The missing Key

In Aristotle's Ethics, he talks about the alignment of action with thought that creates Arete or moral excellence. When your want (desire) is aligned with the aim (morality) plus the act (actions), you are in alignment. Many people may be doing what they need to be doing to make their visions happen, like working at their job as a good employee, and raising their families, but they are not getting the results that they desire. There has to be something that is missing, right?

What is the missing key? They are doing something that they have personal conviction about, but they are just continuing the behavior because of something that Aristotle calls "akrasia". Akrasia is the same idea of sin that Paul talks about in the Bible. The scriptures say, I want to do what is good, but I don't. I don't want to to what is wrong, but I do it anyway. Romans 7:19. Socrates and Plato also believe the same thing, when they say that people succumb to the demands of the flesh because the "body is corrupt and finite", and the soul is "pure and immortal". In other words, the spirit within us knows how to achieve anything, but the demands and desires of the body keep us divided in our energy. Jesus said in Matthew, "the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak." 

This is what destroys our expectation. Let's take a simple example and see how it works. Imagine there is a guy that really wants to make a million dollars. He has the right job, he has all the right skills, and he has set hisself up for success. The only thing is, he loves to gamble. Even after having his financial calculated, he sees that he has extra income to spend, but in his spirit he know that he shouldn't be gambling. Nobody even knows that he is gambling, but he does. Even though he is doing everything right, he is in misalignment within. This is killing his expectation and will thwart his ability to make a million dollars. 

Akrasia can be a simple and tiny things in your life that you don't even think matter, but this is the missing key that holds us back from reaching your full potential and making us feel that we are not worthy. The way we feel about how we show up in our lives makes us feel worthy or not. Even if it's on an unconscious level, we always know what we are doing to sabotage the manifestation of our dreams!

Let the Powerful energy of attraction do the work

After you have done everything humanly possible, you've stopped your sabotaging actions, followed your tuition and have taken right action, sit back and let the magic happen. This is where the Universe will shock and amaze you. Start giving thanks for your manifested vision, knowing it is already done in the invisible realm. Trust that the power of attraction is at work for you. It knows how to orchestrate the highest and best situation for all-including you. There is power in letting go after you have done your part. When you know that you have taken care of all of the actions that have been obstructing your energy, let the powerful spirit within you meet the powerful energy of creation and your manifestation will unfold right before your eyes. This is the unfailing power of The Formula!